Quantitative Medicine Censored by Google

CensoredIn a development laced with ironies, Google Adworks has declared that the Quantitative Medicine’s website violates their ad standards. To fix this, they want most of the posts substantially rewritten. We can’t. It would amount to allowing Google to redefine Quantitative Medicine. We suppose we are done with Google. This is too bad, as the ads we ran did tend to connect us to people that could use our methodologies. We would genuinely appreciate comments and suggestions here.

Eat Real Food or Else – the Kindle Version

CoverWe are proud to announce the Kindle version of this beautiful book, which is the result of the joint efforts of Dr. Mike, Chef Charles Vollmar and Liên Nguyen, an award-winning cookbook author.

To look inside the book, get additional nutritional information, and get ordering info, go here.

Colonoscopy Wars

colonoscopy-warsLong, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Gastroenterology Empire’s primary weapon (and cash cow), the colonoscopy, was threatened by a Rebel Alliance of Radiologists. The result: Colonoscopy Wars!

When LDL (Bad) Cholesterol is Important


Not so bad after all?

A report earlier this week, here, raises questions about the dangers of high LDL cholesterol. Specifically, high levels were found to be protective, completely overturning conventional medical wisdom. Here we present a somewhat deeper dive into the subject.

New Study finds LDL-Cholesterol Beneficial

HDL-LDLLDL-Cholesterol, Often Called “Bad” Cholesterol Has Been the Heart Disease Boogey Man for Three Quarters of a Century. It Is the Basis for the Multi-Billion Dollar Statin Industry. A New Study in the Prestigious British Medical Journal Not Only Calls This into Question, But Completely Turns the Tables, Asserting that High LDL Cholesterol Is Protective, and That the Lipid Hypothesis Is Bunk.