When LDL (Bad) Cholesterol is Important


Not so bad after all?

A report earlier this week, here, raises questions about the dangers of high LDL cholesterol. Specifically, high levels were found to be protective, completely overturning conventional medical wisdom. Here we present a somewhat deeper dive into the subject.

New Study finds LDL-Cholesterol Beneficial

HDL-LDLLDL-Cholesterol, Often Called “Bad” Cholesterol Has Been the Heart Disease Boogey Man for Three Quarters of a Century. It Is the Basis for the Multi-Billion Dollar Statin Industry. A New Study in the Prestigious British Medical Journal Not Only Calls This into Question, But Completely Turns the Tables, Asserting that High LDL Cholesterol Is Protective, and That the Lipid Hypothesis Is Bunk.

Lessons From the Biggest Losers

Reblogged from http://eat-real-food-or-else.com , a site devoted to nutrition and cooking. Low starch or paleo advocates should love the delicious recipes and other info found there, One striking conclusion is that calorie restriction is “remembered,” and afterwards, the body remains in a energy conserving, fat storing mode.

An NPR broadcast last week (May 2, 2016 – All Things Considered) reported on a study that examined what happened to the participants in the TV reality show The Biggest Loser after the show was over. A (not too surprising) fact was that many of them regained much of the weight they had lost during the show.

Do-It-Yourself China Study

do-it-yourself-china-study-scientist“The China Study,” by T. Colin Campbell, is the bible of veganism. It is a huge book which covers a lot of ground and makes many valuable points. The name of the book comes from a series of observational studies done in 69 counties in China called the China-Oxford-Cornell Project. Dr. Campbell himself led two of these studies, and from this project, he concludes that “plant-based foods are beneficial, and animal-based foods are not.” This conclusion has been disputed. See, for instance, Minger here, or Masterjohn here. OR see for yourself.