Town Hall IV – Vegan or Carnivore

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The following topics are covered:

Veganism and vegetarian PR is very effective. Not always couched in health.

The China Study

Pushed veganism. However, the book’s data supports the opposite.

There is an app. Can see for yourself. Click here. Cholesterol example of app presented. Egg example presented. More cholesterol, more eggs, longer life. Suggest play with it at Search for China Study

Why veganism now?

We are becoming victims of fashion.


Some fallacies…

Why Eggs are Bad? They’re not.

Fiber is good? Not reallyneeded. Much variation.

Can get all essential nutrients from vegetables. Not true.

Gorillas are vegetarians. They make protein from bacteria in their gut.

Supplements? Humans are too complex to speak in isolation.

Caveats for studies?

Whose idea was it? Is there a desired result?

Are other studies done by the same researchers?

Herbivores can digest cellulose. We can’t.

When man started eating meat, brain size soared.

Herbivores have to eat constantly because their diet is so poor. Bacteria break the stuff into something useful.

Beware of misleading charts. Arguments that we “should” be herbivores.

We do not have the right physiology to effectively live on vegetables.

There are numerous nutrients found only in meat.

Anti-nutrients. Lectins will block iron absorption.

We don’t make enough vitamin D. D3 is better than D2 (plant source.)

What, when and how much do I eat.

Is it working?

Bowel movements OK?

Issues? Celiac, allergies?

Things change over time.

Nutritional studies are ALWAYS flawed.

Too much variation. Some people respond best to different diets.

Vegetarians in India have six times cardiac death as Europeans.

Using data from one country is not meaningful.


Fasting benefits?

Much variability. Some ancient cultures had season fasting.

Intermittent fasting. Dr. Mikes patients: Some lose fat, some lose muscle. Latter not good.

Many fasting styles. Necessary to measure.


Herbivores live on this.

Humans vary. Some cannot tolerate sugar. Others can. Need to measure.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

May be benefit.

Vegetarianism a couple of days a week?

It’s OK. Try it.

Eat for blood type?

There is a genetic component. O is the caveman. There is something to type, but it does not match to blood type necessarily.


Lectins are anti-nutrients. Prevent absorption of certain nutrients. Don’t eat.


Is like estrogen. Can imbalance testosterone/estrogen balance. Will significantly raise estrogen in men.

Eating every three hours.

Our metabolism is based on variation. We want variance. People who graze get fat.

When to have the big meal.

Eat for what you are going to do, not what you did.

Colonic cleansing.

Is healthful. Beneficial variation.

COVID update.

Santa Clara county is doing great. Less so Orange county.

Hospitalization is very stable.

Not much new in therapeutics.







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  1. Jay Giardina
    March 3, 2022 at 7:52 pm

    Researchers from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom recently released the results of a large study that investigated the effect of varying levels of meat consumption on the likelihood of developing cancer.

    The study found that vegetarians, pescatarians, and people who eat little meat have a significantly reduced risk of developing cancer. As reported March 2, 2022 in Medical News Today. See

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