Town Hall VIII – Lockdown Metabolic Syndrome

The various COVID lockdowns, isolation, and masks have had a greater impact than generally realized.

At Town Hall VIII. the following was discussed:


Virus trends:

COVID will continue to evolve. COVID is RNA virus. They evolve more.

We may see more pathogenic variants, but that is not the usual course of viruses. With delta, we had a more contagious virus, but less virulent.


T-Cell imunity:

The degree of T-Cell immunity is unknown as there is no T-cell test yet. T-cell immunity is important.


How might the virus evolve:

Usually viruses get weaker and milder, and there is T-cell induction. It looks as though this will happen.


COVID endemic:

Will COVID become endemic. This appears likely and would be less life-threatening. This would be good.


Vacinated people can transmit the disease:

Those immune can be a source of infection. Had thought this was not significant, but that is not the case. Without a respiratory infection, the immunized could spread the disease. Nasal immunizations are under development, which would ameliorate this.


A Claim:

mRNA immunization is the Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History.

It has saved more lives in less time than any medicine that has come before.

COVID symptoms are broad and often lethal.


Genetic factors:

There are genetic variants involved. Loss of smell/taste is an example.



Get your booster.

Moderna is best. Pfizer next.

Timing is not crucial. Maybe wait till antibodies wane a bit.


Lockdown Metabolic Syndrome:

Increased myopia in children due to not enough outdoor activity.



Adult onset diabetes

Increase in Tourtte’s syndrome (obsessive swearing).

Diseases due to neglect. Those screening could have prevented.


All of this is due to loss of social trust. Due to masks. Heightened sense of mortality. This has changed relationship all over.


Biological well-being is very complex and COVID has derailed all this.


What to do:


Go outside, lift weights, smile, greet your neighbor, avoid politics, stop worrying. Remember death-live in the day.


The Town Hall is then open to general discussion.









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