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Actual Results from Dr. Mike’s Cohort Records

unnamedOther things being equal, bone density decreases with age at a rate of about 2% per year. Eventually it will decrease to a number defined as the ‘fracture threshold’ which is about 105 mg/cc of mineral density. At this point a person’s bones can no longer support the weight of their owner and begin to crush in on themselves. This causes loss of stature and leads to the hunched over ‘elderly’ look. This is osteoporosis.

For most pharmaceutical interventions, they talk of reducing the rate of bone loss. However, it is possible to gain new bone.

For more depth on osteoporosis, see this post.

The ‘standard practice’ is to recommend calcium tablets and vitamin ‘D’. There are two problems with this remedy:

First, it hardly does any good. It increases bone density only about 1% over a three-year period.

Second and not of minor interest it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke 15-20%.

This doesn’t seem such a good trade-off. The Dr. Mike standard is to refrain from taking calcium and do big bone resistance exercise – squats, dead lift, etc. In this case:

Bone density is increased an average of 20% for those below the fracture threshold.

If the recommended exercises are done, heart attack risk will be reduced 50%.

This is a considerable improvement over ‘standard practice’ to put it mildly.

Putting The Cure Into Practice

Here is some detail…

cvzsdfgIn Dr. Mike’s cohort, around 400 of 2000 patients obtained a bone density measurement. In the carefully controlled cohort at one year 92 got a second one on the same machine. For these we can precisely determine a change in bone density. Now of those 92, 51 were in trouble. Their bone density was less than 135 mg/dl. They were told to stop taking calcium and all supplements and to do the recommended exercises in a precise sequence. I will be glad to post the exact exercise protocol should you wish to follow the same methodology we used; let me know. They were all put on a sugar and starch restricted diet, told to eat fatty protein and to eat as many vegetables as possible.

Compliance was measured. I am always cautious about believing compliance metrics; I encourage you to be cautious about such measures as well. But, you can’t fool the numbers; the average improvement for the 51 people with dangerously low bone density was 14%. This is dramatically better than the calcium number of 1% or so and, of course, rather than increasing the risk of heart attacks, the exercise reduces it.

Now of the 52, a smaller group, 19, were in serious trouble with bone density below 105 mg/dl. This is below the fracture threshold, these people were already experiencing the effects of osteoporosis. The average improvement for this group was 20%. All but 3 of the 19 gained bone density, two of those three showed no change and one lost more bone. Eight of these people managed to pull themselves above the fracture threshold and are no therefore longer osteoporotic. This is disease cure. Many, if not most, doctors will tell you this is impossible. Yet here it is.

The worst three, with bone densities below 60 managed to increase their bone density 45%. That is building a huge amount of new bone.

As mentioned the time between the bone density measurements was 1 year.

The time between bone density measurements for the research which reported a ~1% improvement was 3 years.uhgdc

We conclude from the cohort data that osteoporosis can be cured. It is definitely reversed for the majority. Of the 19 in serious trouble, 16 grew new bone. We do not know with certainty why three did not. We know that the one who lost bone persisted in her bulimia – the likely cause – and we did not have Celiac Disease markers on this cohort and as Celiac Disease is known to cause osteoporosis this possibility must be a consideration.

These are remarkable results. There is no pharmaceutical protocol that can come anywhere close to this. Not even close.

For more info,read: Osteoporosis – Its Cause and Cure – Without Drugs.

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