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How to maximize the benefit of exercise, to prevent and reverse osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases

If You Have the Book Quantitative Medicine, See…

Chapter 10: Step-by-step guide to an optimal exercise program.

Chapter 28: In depth discussion of the physiology of exercise.

Appendix 2: “Exercise” Several papers on the benefits of interval training.

Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 1 – Overview

LD-skeletal-muscleProper diet, stress reduction, and good sleep provide an environment where cells can thrive. If any of these components are missing, the cells will be under duress and cannot be healthy. However, simply providing a healthy environment doesn’t mean the cell is going to do anything useful with it, and this is where exercise comes into the picture.


Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 2 – Joints joint

Joints can easily be kept healthy and flexible. However, this won’t happen automatically.  Certain exercises are needed. These are simple and not particularly strenuous.


Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 3 – Neural, Balance,



Coordination and Balance Exercise Will Prevent Falls and Actually Cause New Neural Growth

Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 4 – Osteoporosis Prevention spine-7-01

Osteoporosis will be prevented or will reverse if the large bones, meaning the legs, hips, and spine, are stressed.

Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 5 – Heart Rate Variability


Safely maximizing heart rate variability cleans and strengthens arteries as well as improving cardiac function. Exercising at maximum heart rate is controversial in some circles, so you should get an OK from from your doctor first.

Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 6 – Biological Power exercise-biopower-curls

This is the final addition to the exercise program. To attain peak health, it is necessary to challenge the power generation capability of the cells.



Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 7 – Wrap Up

This is the epilog to the exercise program. It consists of various philosophical remarks, and general cheerleading.

Exercise is Effective for Knee Injury

As effect as surgery, according to one study.











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