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Optimal Diet, the Affect of Diet on Health, Dietary Myths

Best Diet for Peak Healthmyths-food-all-cause-wheat1

A healthy diet is necessary for peak health. Here are some guidelines.

Which Foods Were Best in the China Study

Supposedly the China Study proves all animal product id bad. In fact, it proves exactly the opposite.

Lessons form the Biggest Losers

Fat loss may reprogram the body to carry more weight.


Fructose May Be Bad For You

The body makes every effort to clear dietary fructose from the bloodstream. There may be reasons for this we do not yet understand.

china-study-mythMedical Myths

Many dietary belief are untrue. Here is a summary.

Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerance Is the latest medical fad. Is it important, or is it overblown? Probably both.

ERFOE - THUMBNAIL smallNewly Published Book is Excellent Nutrition Resource

Eat Real Food or Else, written by our own Dr. Mike, award winning cookbook author Lien Nguyen, and master chef Charles Vollmar is an excellent reference for understanding nutrition and bodily metabolism. This beautiful book contains numerous delicious recipes which follow the principles.

Saturated Fat – It’s Healthy – It’s Not Dangerousfat-not-make-fat

Saturated fat is actually good for you. Learn why, and how it got to be the bad guy of nutrition.

Red Meat Is Not Dangerous, It Is Healthyred-meat

Red meat is no more dangerous that any other sort of meat. Healthy preparation is important.

How Organic is Your Organic Food?organic-100-per-cent

A healthy diet is necessary for peak health. Here are some guidelines.

The Great Grain Swindlegreat-grain-swindle-granola

A healthy diet is necessary for peak health. Here are some guidelines.

Chocolate—Benefits, Facts and MythsChocolate-Assorted

A healthy diet is necessary for peak health. Here are some guidelines.

satCholesterol Basics – Myths and Medical Facts

Dietary cholesterol is not bad for you. This is a myth.

High LDL (“bad”) Cholesterol May Prevent Cancer

After decades of attempting to artificially lower LDL cholesterol, it may be that there was a very good reason for high levels.

New Study FInds LDL-Cholesterol Beneficial

Long medicines favofite bogeyman, LDL cholesterol is turning out to be important and protective


Low Cholesterol May Cause Alzheimer’s

New research finds low cholesterol in many Alzheimer’s patients.

Glycemic Index – Is It of Any Use?gi

Glycemic index has little to do with health.

Is Fasting Beneficial?tiny meal consisting of one shrimp, a tiny potato, and a single short asparagus stalk

Fasting has some benefit, but the body soon compensates.


An overview of this dangerous and unnatural practice.

Trans-Fat: The Epic SagaMotherNature

How trans-fat caused thousands to die prematurely.




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