Blood Test Conversion App

This post is primarily for non-U.S. readers. No US readers will be looking at the posts today anyway as they have better things to do on July 4th, a national holiday.

conversion-molarFor once, the U.S. uses the metric system, but the rest of the world decides to use another system called “molar.” This system has nothing to do with either teeth or small burrowing animals.

conversion-calculateWith little apology to the rest of the world, we crank out blog after blog, mentioning numbers only known in the U.S. system, thus subjecting the rest of the world to a painful conversion exercise, or more likely, just causing them to happily ignore the alien numbers, as though they were furlongs per fortnight or some other ancient arcane measure.

Well, this no longer need be the case. The completely self-explanatory app below will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Tests (fasting numbers)
Hg A1C (Avg Glucose) %:
Glucose mg/dl: mmol/l:
Insulin µu/ml: pmol/l:
Triglycerides mg/dl: mmol/l:
HDL Cholesterol mg/dl: mmol/l:
Cortisol µg/dl: nmol/l:
C-Reactive Protein (CRP) mg/l: mmol/l:
Homocysteine mg/l: µmol/l:
Total Testosterone ng/dl: nmol/l:
IGF-1 ng/dl: nmol/l:
Creatinine mg/dl: µmol/l:
Lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] mg/dl: µmol/l:


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