Eat Real Food or Else – the Kindle Version

CoverWe are proud to announce the Kindle version of this beautiful book, which is the result of the joint efforts of Dr. Mike, Chef Charles Vollmar and Liên Nguyen, an award-winning cookbook author.

To look inside the book, get additional nutritional information, and get ordering info, go here.

A “print replica” format Kindle book is available. It looks exactly like the print version and will run on most color-screen Kindles and all the Kindle apps, but not Kindle Paperwhite. Download the free sample if you are not sure. It displays very nicely on a larger ipad or similar device. If you buy, or have already bought, a Print version on Amazon, you can get the Kindle version free.

About Eat Real Food or Else

A Cookbook for the 21st century.

Food can be both a pleasure and your ticket to lifelong health, but only if you choose wisely. The temptation is great to pick elements from various popular diets, but intuition and common wisdom can be misleading.

While it is presented under the form of a cookbook, it is in fact a nutrition manual: each recipe is accompanied with nutritional information, making the message interesting and lively. The book also contains a scientific section and an appendix with technical references for those who want to go further.

It is therefore a reference book as well as a cookbook for all occasions. It is also a nice coffee table book, with full color illustrations.

Because of the huge complexity of our body, nutrition cannot be reduced to simplistic rules. However, some principles do exist, myths must be debunked. You will not find here a “one-size-fits-all” diet, but methods that will help you listen to your body and adapt your diet accordingly.

“Eat Real Food or Else” presents a comprehensive system for lifelong health, with tools to make informed food choices, including:

  • Nutritional advice based on the broad view of the entire body.
  • Simple yet scientifically accurate explanations about the effects of various foods.
  • Illustrated step-by-step recipes for all occasions.
  • Perspectives from which to examine the existing diets and the nutritional literature.

“Eat Real Food or Else” advocates a pleasurable way of eating that focuses on whole body health. Its fundamental principle is to enjoy the widest possible variety of fresh foods, while avoiding those high in sugar and low in nutrients.

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