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Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 4 – Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis will be prevented or will reverse if the large bones, meaning the legs, hips, and spine, are stressed.


The best exercises for osteoporosis are squats and dead lifts, with as much wight as you can manage while still keeping perfect form.

The is the 4th in the exercise series. Joint maintenance was discussed here, and balance and neurogenesis, here.

Previously osteoporosis was discussed here and here.

Paleo Exercise


Along with the highly popular “Paleo Diet,” we would suppose that Paleo Exercise might become the latest rage. However, the physical activities that hunter-gatherers had to do (and still do) to make a living are not entirely desirable. Here is why some “paleo” activities are healthful and others are not.

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