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Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 6 – Biological Power

This is the final addition to the exercise program. To attain peak health, it is necessary to challenge the power generation capability of the cells.


Typical Gym Machine

More specifically, the mitochondrial energy generating capability is challenged, and in response, they will increase both their efficiency and numbers. Optimizing this is the formula for peak health. (Of course, we assume here a healthy diet and low stress lifestyle.)

To accomplish this, we will take the two intense sessions, which at this point already have squats and deadlifts as osteoporosis prevention, and have rowing for heart rate variability. We will add, for each intense day, three or four more power exercises.

Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 5 – Heart Rate Variability

Safely maximizing heart rate variability cleans and strengthens arteries as well as improving cardiac function. Exercising at maximum heart rateexercise-heart-heart is controversial in some circles, so you should get an OK from from your doctor first.

Intense interval exercise is known to be far more beneficial than what is referred to as ‘aerobic exercise’, even though it takes a lot less time. (All exercise is ultimately aerobic, which is why there are single quotes around that phrase. Dr. Ken Cooper coined the term; he was a wonderful man and told me some great stories but this word, ‘aerobics,’ is very misleading.The word is used to name sustained, sub-maximal exercise.) The reason intense interval exercise is so beneficial is simple. It causes your heart to vary, to vary as much as it can, usually. Rapidly up, rapidly down. This has a strikingly positive and rapid effect on atherosclerosis prevention and reversal, along with rapid improvement of a  variety of blood markers.

Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 3 – Neural, Balance, Coordination

Coordination and Balance Exercise Will Prevent Falls and Actually Cause New Neural Growthexercise-balance

Neural Generation

This is the third in our exercise series and is dedicated to balance, coordination, and neural health. The last post dealt with joint health, and certain exercises that will maintain it. So while you are repairing your knees or other joints, why not add a few new nerves. It had long been the conventional medical wisdom that you would get no new ones and were lucky to hold on to the ones you already had. Not true at all, though still widely believed. These next exercises aren’t particularly strenuous either, but build balance, coordination, agility, and, as promised, new nerves, including ones in your head.

Exercise – Maximizing the Health Benefits – Part 1 – Overview


A Flayed Athlete

Proper diet, stress reduction, and good sleep provide an environment where cells can thrive. If any of these components are missing, the cells will be under duress and cannot be healthy. However, simply providing a healthy environment doesn’t mean the cell is going to do anything useful with it, and this is where exercise comes into the picture. This is not a new notion.

Exercising for Health Part I – The Best Exercises – Benefits

Correct exercise will maintain heart health, maintain joint function, improve mitochondrial health, retard aging, prevent osteoporosis, and reduce risk of degenerative disease.


What is the best form of exercise? The type of exercise is very important. Two 45 minute very intense sessions per week will accomplish all these health goals.  Primary heart rate variability, joint health, and mitochondrial health are improved.