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The following topics are covered:

What’s happening in Santa Clara county and the US.

  • Santa Clara is not having a surge in deaths, but more cases. ICU bed occupancy is small. So no evidence local danger. SC County Dashboard has info.
  • US death forecast lower but still high. Doing better than most of Europe at the present time. This is changing, but doing well. California is doing very well in spite of the recent surge, which is mostly in Southern California.
  • Fomites—what you touch—will be an ongoing factor.
  • Virus is mutating. Regional differences.
  • Virus may be weakening.

Emerging treatments

  • Steroids are coming to the fore. In the news, but steroids are used normally. Stop immune system from overreacting.
  • Dexamethesone shuts down immune system and Colchicine turn off metabolism.
  • Antiviral, impairs reproduction. Some evidence of benefit.


  • Skeptical because virus changes a lot.


  • Single most effective thing against COVID. Over-response of immune system is primary cause of COVID death. Exercise combats this. But overtraining is bad.
  • People need different programs. Ana-cat map explains four different types.
  • Biological systems needing change
  • Mitochondrial health
  • Neurological and neuromuscular wellness
  • Joint and skeletal health – full range movement
  • Muscle mass – associated with longevity

Exercise tools

  • Multi joint, compound, closed-chain, multi-planar, explosive exercise
  • Intense interval training
  • Sustained (8-10 minutes) Anaerobic Threshold Training
  • Proprioceptive Neuro-Muscular Facilitation: Hand-eye Coordination, Balance Work, Footwork drills. Juggling
  • Core training.


  • DON’T GO
  • Too large, too many people, can’t be controlled.
  • Either a very small gym or a home gym.
  • The most beneficial exercises are also the most dangerous. Need trainer.

Home Gym

  • Exercise equipment for a home gym.
  • Many suggestions discussed.

Discussion on the meaning of life.


Questions and Answers.

Face shields. Advantage: removes eye exposure risk. Little inhalation protection. Doesn’t remove the need for a mask.

Vitamin D. Efficacy is astounding. Ten-fold increase in COVID risk. Many people outdoors a lot have low levels. Supplement.

Natural immunity. This exists. Many people have it and don’t get sick. Health and fitness are important. Induced immunity is also real.

Recurrence. Not susceptible to same variant, some immunity to other strains. Immunity from antibodies fades with time. Window of protection not clear.

Antibody testing. Many test positive, yet had no symptoms.

Some people die without comorbidities. Perhaps unknown problem or susceptibility.

Cytokine storm. Happens with most illness. Varying degrees.

Air Travel. Domestic. Only if really necessary. International: late fall, early winter maybe.

Second wave. We will have waves. Has to do with social behavior, rather than seasonal. However, seasonal implies social. Many people are not exhibiting safe behavior. Maybe 100,000 or more will die by year end.

Massage. Depends on provider. Avoid suites. Individual OK if meticulous. But, be sure paper is changed, etc.

Efficacy of masks. Person wearing mask is much less likely to communicate disease. Discussion of masks.

Lasting effects of COVID. Some seriously ill people completely recover, and some with mild disease will have lasting injuries.

Lockdown. Masks may be a bigger factor

Home care. Get tested.

National bio-security. We will learn a lot. Modeling was poor.

What could we have done as a country. We have done fairly well. New York could not do what Santa Clara County did. Don’t think testing and tracing would have made a difference nationally. In some places it would make a difference.

Herd immunity. Not likely. Virus weakening more likely.

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