Town Hall Meeting VI – Exercise

The Health Benefits of Exercise—More Profound Than You Might Imagine

These topics are covered:

Why exercise? Society does not understand the benefit. Exercise prolongs life. And prolongs quality of life for those unwilling to exercise.

Exercise is the most powerful medicine for bone, cardio, dementia, etc.

Exercise improves very broadly, improves medical acuity. Bones will respond to exercise, but not to drugs.

Big variables of exercise: weight, reps, sets, speed, and rest. Which items do these address?

Too little is bad. Too much is bad. Different exercises affect different systems. Fixing cardio won’t build bones

These variables should be central in your thoughts.

Genetics plays an important role in how your body responds to exercise., though probably less than half of the determinant. Need to be aware of this. Beware of fads that work for some. But you can find a set of exercises that maximizes ones benefits given the genetics. Have specific goals, such as:

  • Memory,
  • Clarity
  • Faster
  • Bend over
  • Bone health
  • Heart health

But because of genetics, how to get there will be different.

Having a personal trainer is very important.

The Big Five

  • Squats
  • Chin-ups
  • Dead lifts
  • Interval training
  • Foot word/Speed drills/Hand-eye coordination.

Interval training is hard, not pleasant. Short and miserable. Twice a week max. Not a lot of reps.

Need to measure

  • Phase angle,
  • Body composition
  • Heart rate
  • Hormone production,
  • Glucose management
  • HDL2b

Data is important.

Muscle mass is strongest determinant of longevity: Are you maintaining your muscle mass; improving its symmetry.

Heart rate: How does your heart respond to exercise. Relative number more important. Are you improving.

Avoid routine, experiment. Bone Density, hormones, and HDL2b are largely under your behavioral control.

Too many are too prone to overdoing it. Rest is important, needed for recovers.


Protect joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Warm up through full range.

Most people do the same thing over and over. Depends on exercise selection

Exercise selection

Interval training:

20/10 second rep cycle. But experiment. Explore different cycles. Intervals don’t build bones. Interval has effect on neuro and muscular-skeletal.


Load is more important than reps.


Good for the back. Difficult to do properly. Make sure trained.

Foot speed/hand-eye:

These are important and often neglected. Agility ladder. Aids balance and posture.


Not too important. OK to do, but shouldn’t be centerpiece.

Exercise as stress reduction:

Important, but not the best guide.

Question and answer session.

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