I’ve Been Thinking

As some of you know, I have myself been health challenged of late. (Details here.)

Looking back over my illness has led me to be grateful that I had lived a Quantitative Medicine lifestyle long enough that I have not become completely disabled. My recovery continues apace.

Food vs Supplements

My office is near several other physicians. It is common for me to see one of their patients coming out with a little brown bag of nutritional goodies.

Whatever this says about their business model it raises a question I am often asked: Hey, Doc, which supplements should I be taking?


There has been a recent spate of studies asserting that meat is bad for you, eggs are bad for you and statins cure everything.

Cancer and Vitamins

Good Day to All!
This is [Dr. Mike’s] January’s Newsletter.
I am going to use this occasion to partially explain why I only reluctantly use or advise supplements.