Don’t Waste Your Time Exercising

From owning a large gym and employing many trainers and from careful one-on-one discussions with my patients, I’ve discovered that a lot of time and effort training is wasted.

Even if you are putting in the effort, sweating and tired, your time could be wildly more productive if you follow some clear guidelines. Let me explain and then layout the guidelines so your training time can be more productive; maybe even more fun.

If your job was to eat a bear – a big job – you would sidle up to that impossible meal and think ‘Hmmm, I better start slow and take it easy.’ We all tend to do the same thing with our workouts. We warm up, start light, do some treadmill, stretching and then do a few full range movements on each anticipated exercise. And then – well maybe a little more warmup – start crescendoing or pyramiding our weight work or resistance on the bike. No. Wrong.

Not wrong if your goal is to minimize injuries, workout phobias, and to enjoy the social niceties and the etiquette of the gym.

However if your goal is to maximize metabolic results and to minimize training time, sneaking up on that bear, that impossible meal, that daunting workout is the wrong way to go.

Attack! Use a large knife and fork and eat it as fast as you can.

For now, I will put aside the bear metaphor and speak plainly. Of course you need to warm up, protect your joints, ligaments, tendons and heart. But this should take no more than 5, perhaps 10 minutes.

After that, your first exercise should be exhausting, intense, preferably performed as intervals, and over in less than 10, preferably 5 minutes. The best example is a 2K on the rowing machine or, even better, 20/10’s – Tabata’s – on the rowing machine, an assault bike or steep hill sprints.

Well, you have just done 90% of the work to make you healthier, younger and fitter. This, yes, just those few minutes, is what turns on the metabolism, destroys defective mitochondria and induces younger, better ones.

From now, on all is gravy: build some athleticism – Olympic lifting, juggling, agility ladders – some muscles – squats, deadlifts, kettlebells, heck, even some bicep curls. Always and everywhere form must be perfect. The deep neuropatterning of perfect form protects your back and shoulders besides turning on the endocrine system that stimulates growth hormone and testosterone.

Yes, there is more detail needed to make your workout perfect but if you will adopt just this much of the detail you will change the first 30 minutes of your workout from a good thing to a great and life transforming thing.

Eat that bear!

Smile, Have Fun and God Speed,

Dr. Mike

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