I’ve Been Thinking

As some of you know, I have myself been health challenged of late. (Details here.)

Looking back over my illness has led me to be grateful that I had lived a Quantitative Medicine lifestyle long enough that I have not become completely disabled. My recovery continues apace.

In my reverie I thought about all of you; my patients. Mentally ticking through the list, I realized again how many of you are even alive today as a result of your foresight in undergoing the kind of extensive testing and longitudinal data collection that I practice. Some cases were eureka! like, in that we found a serious but curable problem right away, while others were uncovered or seen with foresight due to the longitudinal data. At the least, almost all of you have been directed to objectively healthier behavior that generic guidelines would have failed to uncover.

You might, rightfully, wonder why I am rehearsing this with you. Well, my own case will serve to illustrate. Some afflicted with my problem (FQAD) die, while almost all others are biding time until they can be fully certified as permanently disabled. This later fact I learned from joining support groups of those who suffer FQAD. (Yikes! Who needs that?) My preexisting fitness and health is why I will overcome this; not some simple act of will, but good old biology is on my side.

The point of all this is I have been once again impressed with the value of extensive testing and follow up testing. It has saved many lives and made positive contributions to almost all of the rest of you. I confess that I have been lulled into a near indifference on this later point until my reflections on my own health issues and memories of many of yours. This has renewed my enthusiasm for all I do. Thank you for your company on the journey.

Everyone can’t be my patient and surely there are others who practice in a similar way: the logic is too compelling for that not to be so. In any case get your family and friends to undertake a similar health path. Get them the scans and comprehensive blood tests and cancer markers and metabolic markers that can reveal so much, some of which is lifesaving.

Smile, Have Fun, God Speed,

Dr. Mike

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  1. Bob
    August 2, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    What Dr would you recommend in Atlanta?

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