Ground Hog Day Special

Instead of Celebrating the Ludicrous Meteorological Belief that a Small Furry Creature’s Behavior Determines Future Weather Patterns, Let Us Turn Attention to the Ludicrous Medical Beliefs that Are Still Rampant In Mainstream Medicine in 2017. These Strongly Affect Current and Future Health, and the Effect Is Primarily Negative.

One of Dr. Mikes Books For Sale at Costco

Perhaps the word is going to spread further. Ear Real Food or Else, by Lien Nguyen, Dr. Mike Nichols, and Charlie Vollmar is now for sale at Costco. The price is very aggressive, under $25. If anyone sees it, we would appreciate knowing where. This is the Costco in Mountain View, CA.



Maybe, Maybe Not.

Low LDL – “bad” – cholesterol may be causing Alzheimer’s, may actually increase heart risk, and may increase cancer. For years the lipid hypothesis: “fat causes heart disease” has been a medical mantra. Time for a revision?