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Coffee Has Many Health Benefits

Coffee seems to have broad and significant benefits. Much Recent Research Has Coffee Sounding Like a Wonder-Drugcoffee-notes

As a coffee addict, this is welcome news. A variety of epidemiological studies show coffee having cardio benefits, lowerings some cancer risks, as well as the risk of adult onset diabetes, Alzheimers, and all cause mortality.

COVID Town Hall II

(If no image, or larger screen is desired, watch on YouTube at https://youtu.be/O2Aa5vEYywU)

This is a video of a COVID Town Hall Zoom meeting hosted by Dr. Mike Nichols on May 20, 2020. The following topics are covered:

Ground Hog Day Special

Instead of Celebrating the Ludicrous Meteorological Belief that a Small Furry Creature’s Behavior Determines Future Weather Patterns, Let Us Turn Attention to the Ludicrous Medical Beliefs that Are Still Rampant In Mainstream Medicine in 2017. These Strongly Affect Current and Future Health, and the Effect Is Primarily Negative.

Eat Real Food or Else – the Kindle Version

CoverWe are proud to announce the Kindle version of this beautiful book, which is the result of the joint efforts of Dr. Mike, Chef Charles Vollmar and Liên Nguyen, an award-winning cookbook author.

To look inside the book, get additional nutritional information, and get ordering info, go here.

Booksellers’ Page

Hello and welcome to the Quantitative Medicine book sellers page.


Quantitative Medicine is a health self-help book and is in stock at Ingram and Baker & Taylor, trade discounted, and returnable.

The ISBN is 9780986252006.

Quantitative medicine is a 6″x9″ 440 page paperback with an initial offset run of 11,000. It carries a list price of $20, and is warehoused and fulfilled by Pathway Books.

The book is fully described in our media kit docs, available below.

If you would like a sample book, please email cdavis@ingenuous.net, or call Charles Davis at 650-224-1245. Click here to look inside the book.

Media Kit

Media Kit Information—click to view or download the pdf.

Your Local Bookstore Listing on Our Web Site

If you stock the book and choose to participate, we will attempt to match the location of site visitors to your store location and, should they visit our online shop, and are withing 10 miles, we will list your store. The listing will contain your text and thumbnail and look something like this:

Quantitative Medicine Available At These Stores

BB Better Books, 123 Main St, Somewhere USA. come visit us 7 days a week, 10 am to 7 pm. Free coffee.

We are able to identify site visitor’s location about 80% of the time.