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Understanding Glucose and A1C Numbers

Almost All Annual Physicals Measure Fasting Glucose. A1c Should Always Be Included But Is Not. More Things Should Be Measured, But Here Are The Health Implications of These Two.glucose-a1c-molecules

Glucose is the most common “simple” sugar. Fructose is the second most common one. Together they account for the bulk of sugar you consume.

All the starch you eat is converted directly to glucose, and gets quickly into your bloodstream. Carbohydrates from vegetables do as well, but more slowly. Table sugar and fruit are about half glucose and half fructose. If these two are combined it is called sucrose. It will be split

Chronotype: Are You A Night Owl Or An Early Bird?

There Is A Gene That Determines Morning And Evening People. Night Owls Exist Even Among Hunter-Gatherers.


You know if you are a night owl or an early bird. This turns out to be genetic. A specific gene has actually been identified: PER3. If you have the longer variant, you are a morning person, and the shorter one is for the night owls.

The QM News Roundup

Recent Medical Headlines of Interest to QM Followers.

Love Hormone StudiedQM-news-love

Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone” and is found in quantity in both partner-partner relationships and parent-child ones. The hormone is actually produced by the hypothalamus. Researchers at University of Birmingham, in England, have been studying it and have concluded that its effects are quite similar to alcohol. Now really folks, didn’t we already know that? Oxytocin is apparently available as a supplement. So can you now buy love?