Why Don’t People Take Care of Themselves?

Perhaps all our blog readers are good Scouts and follow the rules—eat sensibly, exercise sensibly, and don’t stress out—preferably our version of all these. But some—and all our readers surely know one or more—some seem hell-bent on self-destruction. Why is this? We don’t know, but would, herewith, like to start a dialog. Maybe someone has a solution.

Quantitative Medicine Censored by Google

CensoredIn a development laced with ironies, Google Adworks has declared that the Quantitative Medicine’s website violates their ad standards. To fix this, they want most of the posts substantially rewritten. We can’t. It would amount to allowing Google to redefine Quantitative Medicine. We suppose we are done with Google. This is too bad, as the ads we ran did tend to connect us to people that could use our methodologies. We would genuinely appreciate comments and suggestions here.

Happy New Year from Quantitative Medicine

We went dark for the last month. Basically overwhelmed. We are back. Posts are going to start coming again, along with several other goodies.

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Here are some updates:

cover-littleThere was this book: Quantitative Medicine. Ads for it have been running on both sidebars of the blog for almost 8 months. So what happened to it? Well, uh, as “W” might have put it, I guess we misunderestimated a few things. Anyway the good news is: it’s done. It is getting a final proofreading, will go to print late this month, and we should have print books as well as a Kindle edition around mid-march. The print book is a soft cover and around 400 pages. The Kindle book price is $9.99. The print book list price is around $20. Members of our Medical Goodies Club will periodically receive discount offers.

Nine Health Questions with Surprising Answers

Why Does Conventional Medicine Miss So Many Diagnoses? Quantitative MedicineQM-1400x1400

 Greatly Lowers the Risk of All Degenerative Disease. Here Are Nine Great Questions and Answers

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.” – Nicholas Murray Butler

Common Misconceptions and Questions: Click on the links to go to the answers

Get Well With Aristotle!

Against the backdrop of genetics and environmental hazards like infections and toxins, we become ill as a function of our character.Aristotle

Before you leap to a valid logical criticism of my claim-essentially that we are sick through our own fault- let me assure you that many of the most tragic illnesses are certainly not the fault of  the patient: childhood cancers and the sequellae of infections like meningitis come to mind.

Why Will Ezekiel Emmanuel Decline Medical Care After 75?

Ezekiel Emanuel believes there is no reason to live beyond 75 and will decline all preventive care and treatment. His reasoning is that 75 year olds are over the hill, not as healthy, vibrant, creative and so on. 75 is enough.policy-emanuel

Why should we care? If that’s what he thinks, that’s his business. There are good reasons we should care. Emanuel was a Health Policy advisor to the Obama administration, and he constantly involves himself in other policy-making activities.  He is influential.