Annual Physical

Annual Physical is Important – What is Measured is Equally Important

From the New York Times op-ed, available here, we have a public health expert declaring that the annual physical is a waste of time. Don’t follow this advice. Instead, change what is measured and how it is interpreted.dasd

The op-ed piece develops the idea that the annual physical, as currently done, is worthless. We sort of agree. However, the correct solution is not to dispense with this rite, but to replace it with genuinely useful measurements and diagnoses.

The Practice of Quantitative Medicine

The Practice of Quantitative Medicine

The study of high energy physics has been compared to finding out how a watch works by throwing it against the wall to examine its parts. If you think of high energy colliders like CERN- the organization’s name is now used for the accelerator itself- that is pretty much how high energy physics is performed: accelerate sub-atomic particles to barely sub-lightspeed and then watch and measure the debris when that accelerated particle smashes into some other particle. While this is not very elegant it has proven to be a very useful way to understand sub-atomic physics. Historically and, of necessity, this process followed the development of a theoretical model  proposed by everyone from Ernest Rutherford to Niels Bohr. Those early men engaging in atom smashing had a picture in their head; the picture was refined by subsequent ‘watch smashings’ and the enhanced picture led to even more fruitful ‘watch smashings.’

Stem Cell Basics – Replacement Organs

Your Own Stem Cells Could Grow a Replacement Organ. All About Stem Cells.

Stem cells likely foretell the death knell of the transplant industry. The ability to grow new tissue from one’s own stem cells is already in use and will burgeon into a huge new medical area. Furthermore, no embryonic stem cells are used, so that controversy is completely avoided. Recently, researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have made fully functional tiny humanstem_cells_home stomachs. There is also significant progress with livers, kidneys, and other assorted organs and tissues. These stem cells are forming complex structures that would certainly be suitable for grafting and one day, no doubt, suitable for replacement parts. There are, needless to say, numerous technical details to be worked out (like getting arteries and nerves to grow into the replacement organ), but few doubt this is a significant part of medicine’s future.

QM Case History: Triglycerides – Lower to Prevent Heart Disease

‘Tom’ asks: How Much Do I Have to Change to Get to Peak Health?


Everybody wants Peak Health. Who wouldn’t? But everyone wants it at the cheapest possible price. I suppose this is human nature. I am always getting the question: How much do I have to change or give up to get to Peak Health?

I don’t know the answer in advance. But, using Quantitative Medicine I can determine it. There are many key numbers that drive health,

Quantitative Medicine FAQ


The Theory and Practice of Peak Health

Quantitative medicine is the practice of determining and modifying your health guided by direct measurement of Mikemeaningful biological markers. Everyone is different. The best diet is unique to each of us. Diet markers must be directly and precisely measured. If your health is good then your measurements (mostly blood tests) will be good as well. If you can maintain these ideal measurements (and most people can if they set their mind to it) you will be healthy,will age slowly, and will be at low risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer, adult onset diabetes and heart disease.

Can I do this on my own?

Most of my posts on this website are intended to sketch a non-drug approach to medical problems. But it should be kept in mind that rarely does a week go by that I do not write a prescription so I am not against drugs. I am against their use for problems that are best treated by the body’s own capacity to heal.