Why Will Ezekiel Emmanuel Decline Medical Care After 75?

Ezekiel Emanuel believes there is no reason to live beyond 75 and will decline all preventive care and treatment. His reasoning is that 75 year olds are over the hill, not as healthy, vibrant, creative and so on. 75 is enough.policy-emanuel

Why should we care? If that’s what he thinks, that’s his business. There are good reasons we should care. Emanuel was a Health Policy advisor to the Obama administration, and he constantly involves himself in other policy-making activities.  He is influential.

Body Mass Index

The Healthiest Weight Is Not What You Think


These machines were once ubiquitous, costing only a penny, but offering mostly non-medical fates. However attempts to predict health from body weight go back at least 150 years to the Body Mass Index or BMI.

There are innumerable (and identical) BMI calculators to be found on the Internet, and by entering your height, weight and sometimes your sex and age, they will duly compute a number, your BMI, and will often sort you into a thin, normal, overweight, obese, or really obese category. Normal is 18-25, overweight is 25-30, and so on.



We don’t mean why are we going bald. We mean why aren’t we covered with hair, like any respectable mammal. We split with the chimps 7 million year ago, and before that, the gorillas. They have plenty of hair. What happened to ours?Monkey

Because of the lack of hair, we have had to evolve pigment, invent clothing, and a lot of other hassles. Once we lost it, for whatever reason, wouldn’t it have been simpler to simply evolve it back. (Maybe the Europeans are part way there. They are ahead of the Africans and Asians in this category.)

Pharmaceutical Spendings


Now there is a way to find out. The U. S. Government is maintaining a data base of who paid what to whom. It’s called open payments and the link is here.121009020524-pills-money-prescription-story-top

You can enter any doctor’s name and see what he was paid and why. This includes research, which is likely to be reasonable, to consulting, which seems to be mainly a marketing activity, to drinks, which is an eyebrow raiser, to an interesting category called:

Trans-Fat: The Epic Saga


No one over 60 will ever forget the Chiffon Margarine commercials where Mother Nature herself is taken in by Chiffon’s butter like taste. She is peeved and the commercial closes with an enraged Mother Nature causing lightning strikes and saying, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”MotherNature

It turned out that ‘Mother Nature’ wasn’t fooled at all. By 1980, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, the main ingredient of margarine, and otherwise known as trans-fat, had been implicated in a long list of health risks. It increases risk for cardiac disease by decreasing the size of LDL particles.

We Are Part Neanderthal – But Which Parts?

 OUR ANCIENT PASTGirl-neanderthals

JUST WHO WERE THE NEANDERTHALS?  These people left Africa 200,000 years ago. They were very similar to modern humans, with a somewhat larger, but differently shaped brain. They thrived all over Europe and Asia until our arrival 50,000 years ago. 10,000 later years ago, they were gone, or were they? Recent very clever DNA sequencing has concluded that non-African humans share 1-4% DNA with the Neanderthals. There is one and only one way to ‘get’ DNA.