Neanderthals in the News

Neanderthal-loveNot Only Do Non-African Humans Have Neanderthal Genes, It Seems That Neanderthals Carry Some Human Genes, But Only From Africans. This Causes A Huge Rethink Of Ancient Human And Neanderthal Migrations.

Food and Libido

food-love“Candy is Dandy, But Liquor is Quicker,” snarked humorist Ogden Nash several decades ago. A nice dinner might be even more effective, according to some recent research.

All in all, it is hard to predict what researchers are going to think of to research. Recent research linked sexual desire to food consumption and was published in the journal Appetite, (a real, actual research journal). The effects of nutritional appetite on the sexual appetite of women were explored. How they did it is amazing. Well, amazing that it worked anyway, or at least seemed to. They divided women into two categories: those that diet and those that do not.

Adaptation Since The Agricultural Revolution

We are not well adapted to many things found in the modern diet. Some adaptation has occurred, and more eventually will.rev 1

Most of us do not handle excess sugar and startch well. These lead directly to heart disease and adult onset diabetes. They also promote cancer and are likely implicated in Alzheimer’s. Paradoxically, the body has several methods to get rid of excess sugar but it doesn’t use them. It seems we never adapted a means to deal with excess sugar and starch. They just get stored as fat. On the other hand, the body is quite adept at dealing with excess fat. It’s no problem. It will store some, and burn any excess.

Chocolate—Benefits, Facts and Myths

Some Things We Love Are Actually Good For Us. Chocolate is One of Them. Chocolate Lovers RejoiceChocolate-Assorted

Chocolate benefits your coronary health!

A study recently published for the first time online on in an article titled, Habitual Chocolate Consumption and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Among Healthy Men and Women, answered the prayers and wishes of many chocolate lovers worldwide. The findings show that of the participants, those who consumed the most chocolate had 23% fewer heart attacks and strokes than the people that ate the least amount of chocolate. So, yes, chocolate can be considered good for you … to an extent. While chocolate and its fats are beneficial to your coronary health, the sugar that is added to chocolate is definitely harmful. If you are going to live the dream and eat chocolate, we suggest that you eat super-dark chocolate, it is the healthiest.