Dogs Can Detect Disease

We Reported Earlier on Cancer Sniffing Dogs. Dogs Are Involved In Many Other Medical and Caring Activities As Well.medical-dogs-stethoscope

Previously, we wrote a post titled,  Dogs Can Smell Prostate Cancer With Near 100% Accuracy. What many people may not know is that dogs play a role in medicine in more than just one way. For those that have dogs as pets, this may come as no surprise, but for those dogless folks, the idea that dogs can be used as medical tools may have never crossed their minds. The following are just some of the ways that dogs can be used as medical tools:

Full Body Transplant

A Full Body Transplant Could, From Another Point Of View, Be Viewed as a Brain Transplant. Long The Realm of Science Fiction, We Fear (or Perhaps Hope) It Will Remain So.full-body-transplant

At a dinner party, the host announced that he planned to be immortal. This certainly got our attention. He further proclaimed that we are going to be the last generation to die. But he had concocted a scheme to get in on the immortality thing and avoid this fate.

Suspended Animation

No Longer The Stuff of Science Fiction, Suspended Animation May Find Real World Application Soon With Humanssuspended-animation

Suspended animation has actually been around a long time, though not in humans. Many bacteria can go into a state called sporification, where they can last indefinitely. One such was brought back after 250 million years, a new World’s Oldest Creature record.  (This does, interestingly, provide a method for life, albeit bacterial, to travel from planet to planet.)

Marriage, Polygamy, and Heart Disease

Marriage Appears to Reduce Heart Disease Among Men. Unless They Have Multiple Wives.poly

It is widely believed that married people are healthier and live longer. This is true, but not for the reasons you might think.

For instance, perceived marital happiness, satisfaction with the marriage, and frequency of disagreements were not related to either heart health, or death from all causes. This seems odd. One would surely expect some pleasant, cheerful couple to outlive one that squabbled constantly.

Octopuses—An Alternate Evolutionary Track?

Apparently vertebrates diverged from crustaceans about the same time as octopuses. We have evolved a complex body with distributed functions, a closed circulation system, and high intelligence. So have octopuses.Octopus-Multitask

Crustaceans have an ectoskeleton (hard shell) and no circulatory system. They are also universally dumber than a stone. At some point, the exoskeleton was jettisoned. We vertebrates went on to evolve our internal one, but the octopuses decided that no skeleton might work just as well.

Your Biome – Your Personal Bacteria Collection

Your Body is Host to Around 100 Trillion Bacteria and they outnumber you 10 to 1. There Are Some Other, More Complex Creatures As Well.  They Perform a Number Of Critical Functions, and Identify You as Precisely as a Fingerprint.biome-mostly-bacteria

The bad guys grab all the headlines. The killer bacteria are out there and not to be trifled with. There is the present threat of MRSA, along with past threats from now vanquished killers like small pox, bubonic plague, and cholera.