Organ Meat

Calf Liver alla Veneziana from Eat Real Food or Else

Most Americans say “yuck” and turn up their noses at the mere mention of organ meat. This is cultural. A fancy Parisian restaurant would likely offer both tripe and kidneys.

Is Saturated Fat OK or Not?

Short answer YES. Long answer, YES. Long vilified as a cause of heart disease, saturated fat is now considered beneficial in many mainstream circles. But old habits die hard, and one researcher in New Zealand appears to have spun the anti-sat-fat and anti-butter movement up to new and uncharted territory.

Artificial Sweeteners

artificial-sweetenersThrowing all caution to the wind, your intrepid bloggers are going to wander into this rat’s nest. Are artificial sweeteners OK? Some evidence says maybe, and some, maybe not. What do you think?