Best Diet for Peak Health

How to Figure Which Diet Is Best ForYou

Ms. Q. T. from Wyoming writes: Which is best: The Paleo Diet or the Mediterranean Diet? I have tried both. I couldn’t see much difference.

You are really asking several questions at once.

First of all, there is no ‘best’ diet. Everyone is too different for that to ever be the case. Some people are fine with starch, others get sick and put on weight. The only way to determine a person’s ideal diet is to measure their various health Mikenumbers (glucose, insulin, cholesterol, etc.), and make dietary alterations based on that. Then measure again, and perhaps adjust again. I, for instance, can’t drink alcohol, but my wife’s metabolism, very different than mine, is fine with it.

Quantitative Medicine FAQ


The Theory and Practice of Peak Health

Quantitative medicine is the practice of determining and modifying your health guided by direct measurement of Mikemeaningful biological markers. Everyone is different. The best diet is unique to each of us. Diet markers must be directly and precisely measured. If your health is good then your measurements (mostly blood tests) will be good as well. If you can maintain these ideal measurements (and most people can if they set their mind to it) you will be healthy,will age slowly, and will be at low risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer, adult onset diabetes and heart disease.

Exercise And Cancer

Exercise And Cancer

What I will here describe should be life-changing stuff; a powerful argument for tracking and improving your HDL; oh, and by “all-natural” means only.

Over 40 years ago Dr. Cooper, he of the Cooper Clinic and The Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, advocated exercise as protection against not only heart disease but cancer. The early epidemiological data supporting his position was carefully dismantled over the years.

Reverse or Prevent Heart Disease

Yes, and I know how. (Supplements are not the answer)

Each of these variables is statistically more powerful as a risk, as a protection and as a behavior modifiable marker of stroke and heart attack than ANY single cholesterol number. I know how to improve each of these factors and want to teach you how to do so.

Can I do this on my own?

Most of my posts on this website are intended to sketch a non-drug approach to medical problems. But it should be kept in mind that rarely does a week go by that I do not write a prescription so I am not against drugs. I am against their use for problems that are best treated by the body’s own capacity to heal.

Calories In, Calories Out: The Big Lie

OK, maybe no one intends to lie but this mantra of “calories in, plus or minus, calories out= what you gain or lose” is so often repeated and with such vehemence and condescension it may as well be a lie. In any case it is not true. Let me count the ways.

Concept easy, execution difficult

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about how much of your life is lived out of habit, out of unconscious behavior structured out of impulses, desires, hungers, aversions, fatigue and hope the name of which you can no longer remember.