Stem Cell Basics – Replacement Organs

Your Own Stem Cells Could Grow a Replacement Organ. All About Stem Cells.

Stem cells likely foretell the death knell of the transplant industry. The ability to grow new tissue from one’s own stem cells is already in use and will burgeon into a huge new medical area. Furthermore, no embryonic stem cells are used, so that controversy is completely avoided. Recently, researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have made fully functional tiny humanstem_cells_home stomachs. There is also significant progress with livers, kidneys, and other assorted organs and tissues. These stem cells are forming complex structures that would certainly be suitable for grafting and one day, no doubt, suitable for replacement parts. There are, needless to say, numerous technical details to be worked out (like getting arteries and nerves to grow into the replacement organ), but few doubt this is a significant part of medicine’s future.

Statins Benefit No One

Lowering LDL Cholesterol is a Bad Idea

It is widely known, and can be found on many major medical web sites, that high LDL cholesterol causes heStatinsart disease. However, this is false. There is abundant research available today confirming that this is false, but the notion persists. Small LDL particle size is associated with heart disease; so is homocysteine, CRP, high insulin, high glycated-proteins, A1c is an example, high Lp(a), immature HDL particles, high iron stores and more. The list of things associated with developing heart disease is long and none of them are dispositive. As a kind of fun fact, know that low cholesterol is associated with everything from depression to cancer. Lots of excuses for this association are made by the statin apologists but no one actually knows what the link between low cholesterol and these other diseases might be.

The Effects of Popular Supplements


In an earlier post on contaminants found in various over the counter supplements, found here, a reader asked for a review. First, let me state that supplements should be considered the same as prescription drugs and should be ‘prescribed’ only if needed.Supplements

Most people look at supplements and vitamins with this specific mindset:

  1. It couldn’t be dangerous if it is available over the counter.
  2. It might help, but no harm done if it doesn’t.

Understanding Medical Research – Part 1 – Spotting Doubtful Research

Four Warning Signs of Bogus or Doubtful Medical Research

Some medical research is deliberately misleading. Some supports a political agenda. Some supports a commercial agenda. Here we explain how to separatepart 1 the wheat from the chaff, or if you are a low carb type, how to find that diamond in the rough. A lot of the popular medical press, this includes major media outlets, quotes medical research results rather indiscriminately, so it helps a lot to have a sharp focus on what the actual results mean.

QM Case History: Triglycerides – Lower to Prevent Heart Disease

‘Tom’ asks: How Much Do I Have to Change to Get to Peak Health?


Everybody wants Peak Health. Who wouldn’t? But everyone wants it at the cheapest possible price. I suppose this is human nature. I am always getting the question: How much do I have to change or give up to get to Peak Health?

I don’t know the answer in advance. But, using Quantitative Medicine I can determine it. There are many key numbers that drive health,

Is Fasting Beneficial?

Mr. D. S. of Saratoga, CA asks: Hunter-Gatherers eat natural food and exercise and get almost no degenerative disease. But they also fast, so shouldn’t we fast?

Great question. I used to think so, but had to change my opinion. In the past I encouraged fasting. My starting point was 24-hour fasts. In some cases I experimented with longer fasts pand different intervals between fasting in order to improve various blood markers and, interestingly, it often worked, but only at first. After regularly fasting for some period of time most of my patients’ bodies found some way to compensate, usually subconsciously. The numbers returned to their earlier values, and for some, actually got worse and were accompanied by fat weight gain. So starting about 3 years ago, I began advising people not to fast. There are exceptions

Trans-Fat: The Epic Saga


No one over 60 will ever forget the Chiffon Margarine commercials where Mother Nature herself is taken in by Chiffon’s butter like taste. She is peeved and the commercial closes with an enraged Mother Nature causing lightning strikes and saying, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”MotherNature

It turned out that ‘Mother Nature’ wasn’t fooled at all. By 1980, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, the main ingredient of margarine, and otherwise known as trans-fat, had been implicated in a long list of health risks. It increases risk for cardiac disease by decreasing the size of LDL particles.