Eat Real Food or Else – THE Cookbook!

CoverWe are proud to present this book, which is the result of the joint efforts of Dr. Mike, Chef Charles Vollmar and Liên Nguyen, an award-winning cookbook author.

To look inside the book, get additional nutritional information, and ordering information, go here.

Soylent (Green)

soylent-greenThis 1973 Dystopic Film Has Come to Pass in a Way Never Anticipated. However, the new Soylent Food Product Does Not Use the Same Ingredients As Soylent Green.

Trigger Warning: Death Will Be Alluded To

Dr. Charlie is away so Dr. Mike will get to play.

An Editorial.

As you may have guessed Dr. C is more optimistic than I that someone with deep pockets will care about the health of the nation. You know the idea: the government will pony up or the insurance companies or the vested corporate interests or some other utopian “Angels and ministers of Grace” (Hamlet if you have forgotten) will recognize the economy of good health insurance and fix our broken health insurance system. Ain’t gonna happen.

Doc In A Box!

When you hear the term ‘doc in a box’ you often think of what is now called ‘Urgent Care.’ Urgent care centers are for those medical problems not serious enough for the emergency room but more urgent than when your own doc can fit you into his schedule. Well actually that means that most medical issues are more efficiently dealt with in an urgent care center than either your local ER or within your own doc’s office schedule.