HDL – Reverse Heart Disease, Reverse Cancer


It is hard to overstate the importance of High Density Lipoprotein or HDL. It is a circulating cell-clean-up particle and if fully harnessed will prevent and reverse heart disease andunnamed substantially reduce cancer risk. There’s really not anything else like it. It cleans up distressed cells in a variety ways, a cellular level garbage collector.

HDL is frequently referred to as ‘good cholesterol’. This is incredibly misleading. HDL is definitely ‘good’, but it’s not cholesterol any more than a garbage truck is the garbage itself.

Cholesterol Awareness Program – Drug Industry Deception

Cholesterol is not a Disease, Despite Drug Industry Claims

Cholesterol has taken a beating lately. What had been the established Medical Gospel for decades, that high cholesterol cholesterol-magnifying-glass-SScauses heart disease, appears to be false. I will explain why in detail in a moment, but first I want to warn you about yet another assault on your senses coming from the pharmaceutical industry. You see, if lowering cholesterol isn’t important, then the drugs that do it are no longer necessary. This is not something the pharmaceutical industry wants to hear.

QM Case History: Triglycerides – Lower to Prevent Heart Disease

‘Tom’ asks: How Much Do I Have to Change to Get to Peak Health?


Everybody wants Peak Health. Who wouldn’t? But everyone wants it at the cheapest possible price. I suppose this is human nature. I am always getting the question: How much do I have to change or give up to get to Peak Health?

I don’t know the answer in advance. But, using Quantitative Medicine I can determine it. There are many key numbers that drive health,

Trans-Fat: The Epic Saga


No one over 60 will ever forget the Chiffon Margarine commercials where Mother Nature herself is taken in by Chiffon’s butter like taste. She is peeved and the commercial closes with an enraged Mother Nature causing lightning strikes and saying, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”MotherNature

It turned out that ‘Mother Nature’ wasn’t fooled at all. By 1980, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, the main ingredient of margarine, and otherwise known as trans-fat, had been implicated in a long list of health risks. It increases risk for cardiac disease by decreasing the size of LDL particles.

Ezetimibe, a Bad Drug, is Promoted as a Breakthrough

Eezetimibe should be banned, Is Spun as Breakthrough by Drug Company

They managed to get the New York Time to go along with it, sort of…. “…a large study has found thatStatin_Risks_(6941350219) another type of cholesterol-lowering drug can protect people from heart attacks and strokes. The finding can help millions at high risk of heart attacks who cannot tolerate statins or do not respond…” [emphasis ours]