New Study finds LDL-Cholesterol Beneficial

HDL-LDLLDL-Cholesterol, Often Called “Bad” Cholesterol Has Been the Heart Disease Boogey Man for Three Quarters of a Century. It Is the Basis for the Multi-Billion Dollar Statin Industry. A New Study in the Prestigious British Medical Journal Not Only Calls This into Question, But Completely Turns the Tables, Asserting that High LDL Cholesterol Is Protective, and That the Lipid Hypothesis Is Bunk.

Curing Hypoglycemia without Pills

Hypoglycemia is a glucose management problem and there could be many causes. It is easily managed. Such a condition may cause problems with weight gain, and sugar craving as well, but a hypoglycemic person will be at low risk for heart disease or adult onset diabetes.



An adult onset diabetic has too much glucose (sugar) in his or her circulatory system. Hypoglycemia is rather the opposite problem; there is not enough circulating glucose. However, the cause is not insufficient dietary glucose. Sugar craving is part of unmanaged hypoglycemia, and it is likely that too much sugar and starch is taken. The problem has more to do with how the body regulates sugar.

Medicare, ABN, and Highway Robbery

If you are American and have, or someday plan to have, Medicare, this is required reading. If you live elsewhere, count your blessings, at least when it comes to medical services pricing.abn-bag_of_money

We believe in testing. We do not believe in enriching the test centers by encouraging people to get tests that may be absurdly priced. Hence, we are going to run a series of posts that cover some of the sleaze going on out there.

You, Your Doctor, Your Insurance: Who is making the calls?

It’s the Golden Rule: “Those With the Gold Make the Rules.” So it’s your insurance company, or possibly Uncle Sam, in the case of Medicare.

insurance-golden-ruluNow you may argue that they got all that gold from you, which is true, not that you had much of a choice, but they’ve got it now.

So what, we might ask, is in their best interest? Obviously, the less spent on us, the better. Medicare gets to keep more money. They are worried about running out. And the insurance companies likewise get to keep more money, which makes their shareholders and executive staffs wealthier. Laudable goals, no doubt, if not especially beneficial for us.

Triglycerides And Their Importance

Triglycerides May Be The Most Important Number To Know, At Least For Heart Health. If Triglycerides Are OK, Often The Other Heart Numbers Are OK Too.triglycerides-and-their-importance-triglyceride

Triglycerides are fat. Cells run on them. Some get into our body more or less directly from the food we eat. The liver produces a lot as well. Actually, triglycerides aren’t soluble in blood, so they need to be packaged in particles that are. The ones from our last meal are called chylomicrons, and are packaged by our intestines and sent into the bloodstream via a system that opens near the neck called the thoracic duct. (Imagine, think for a minute, why the body is designed in such a way that these fatty particles need to enter the blood stream near the neck rather than near the liver where they are produced.) Chylomicrons have only small amounts of cholesterol and are usually consumed by hungry cells within a couple of hours.