Are New Drugs a Hopeless Search for the Fountain of Youth?


The Search for the Fountain of Youth continues, only, instead of an elixir, it will take the form of a pill, (better shelf-life, lower shipping costs, better profits, etc.) People expect pills will be found to make them well. This is ingrained, and is indeed the case for antibiotics.miracleCure

However, a lot of modern disease does not involve a bacterial or viral infection. Most, perhaps as much as 90%, is the result of a biological system that is overloaded to such an extent that its natural response is as if there were an invading pathogen. Here I am talking about cancer, heart disease, and adult onset diabetes. All of these diseases are either caused directly, or strongly promoted by, a lifestyle that floods cells with excess sugar, excess insulin, excess fat, excess cortisol, and many other hormones.

Statins Benefit No One

Lowering LDL Cholesterol is a Bad Idea

It is widely known, and can be found on many major medical web sites, that high LDL cholesterol causes heStatinsart disease. However, this is false. There is abundant research available today confirming that this is false, but the notion persists. Small LDL particle size is associated with heart disease; so is homocysteine, CRP, high insulin, high glycated-proteins, A1c is an example, high Lp(a), immature HDL particles, high iron stores and more. The list of things associated with developing heart disease is long and none of them are dispositive. As a kind of fun fact, know that low cholesterol is associated with everything from depression to cancer. Lots of excuses for this association are made by the statin apologists but no one actually knows what the link between low cholesterol and these other diseases might be.

The Effects of Popular Supplements


In an earlier post on contaminants found in various over the counter supplements, found here, a reader asked for a review. First, let me state that supplements should be considered the same as prescription drugs and should be ‘prescribed’ only if needed.Supplements

Most people look at supplements and vitamins with this specific mindset:

  1. It couldn’t be dangerous if it is available over the counter.
  2. It might help, but no harm done if it doesn’t.

Ezetimibe, a Bad Drug, is Promoted as a Breakthrough

Eezetimibe should be banned, Is Spun as Breakthrough by Drug Company

They managed to get the New York Time to go along with it, sort of…. “…a large study has found thatStatin_Risks_(6941350219) another type of cholesterol-lowering drug can protect people from heart attacks and strokes. The finding can help millions at high risk of heart attacks who cannot tolerate statins or do not respond…” [emphasis ours]

Tainted Supplements Still Available

Supplements Loaded With Banned Drugs Stull Available After FDA Recall


For JAMA, (Journal of the American Medical Society – October 23).

A group of doctors from Boston decided to look into a variety of over the counter supplements that the FDASupplementsBanned had recalled because they were adulterated with ‘banned pharmaceutical ingredients’. So they bought the supplements from the usual providers to see if the banned substances had been removed. They bought some from online retailers and some straight form the manufacturers sites. On average, their purchases