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By “Just my 2 Cents” on November 8, 2017

This is an Amazon review of the book Quantitative Medicine by “Just my 2 Cents,” who has agreed to let us post it verbatim. These sorts of posts really make out day.

This is a great book, I practiced the diet and high intensity exercise in this book and within 6 weeks I was able to get off my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine, which I was on for 9 years and despite working out religiously weight training hard (powerlifting) 3 times a week and running, I could not get off the meds. I have always been in very good shape, I was just carrying too much muscle and the fat that comes with it for my body.

I thought my high cholesterol and blood pressure and borderline diabetes was a heredity problem, until I read this book. I did not realize it was almost 100% diet. Now my HDL is 83 (previous was 66) and my Triglycerides is 36 (previous was 54) and my glucose is 81 which is down from 100. I lost 15 pounds and it was easy (down to 190 from 205). Previously, I had struggled to get from 210 to 205, I was always hungry. Now it is much easier to maintain 190 and I am not hungry.

Book teaches you what foods to eat so you eat smarter, without having to sacrifice too much. I cut out milk which I love, however, substituted with Almond and Coconut milk. I also, cut out the grains, no bread or cereals, however, I do eat hamburgers in a restaurant with bread at least once a week, however, have hamburgers at home with lettuce wraps (I love hamburgers and french fries so I cheat a bit, but no ill effects). I have been holding my weight at about 190 plus-minus a couple of pounds for over 4 months now.

I also bought the Concept 2 rowing machine as recommended in the book (best investment I have ever made), at 54 years old running was beating my body up. Now all I do is row for 30 second sprints with 30 second rest for only 5 sets, 3 times a week that is only 2.5 minutes of working out and with the rest it only takes 4.5 minutes, however, it is very intense and it never gets easy, it is a real killer. Even though the rowing is only anaerobic it does have a significant carry over to aerobic running, I run about once a month and my running times have improved in a 5K, that really is incredible, the book said it would work, I had my doubts, but it does work. Running twice a week for 3 months my 5K time was 24:52 (May 2017) after training on the rowing machine for 5 months and running about once a month, my 5K time on the same course was 24:20 (Oct 2017). If I had not done the work myself, I would not believe you could do so much less with rowing but get so much more without the wear and tear on the body that running will do. Even though my running muscles are not in shape and are inefficient, my heart stanima is so much more improved that I can run faster.

I highly recommend this book, it will change your life and possibly save it.

Thank you “Just my 2 Cents,” well done. Dr. Mike

(Hey, Charlie, thank you for making me finally write the book you have been after me for 20 years to write. You made it happen. It is a wonderful feeling to help people. I get to do that everyday in my practice and your work in making the book a reality lets you get the great sense of being helpful to others in their quest for health.)


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