Adult Onset Diabetes – Part 8 – Conclusions

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Adult onset diabetes is not genetic and is curable. Many in the medical profession would disagree with both. Quantitative Medicine clinical practice has cured adult onset diabetes consistently and repeatedly.

This final post in the Adult Onset Diabetes summarizes the key points covered in posts 1-7.

Adult Onset Diabetes is said to be at epidemic levels. Over 50% of the people in the United States are either diabetic or pre-diabetic.

What Do We Know

  • Adult onset diabetes is NOT genetic. Why? Because adult onset diabetes was far less prevalent 100 years ago, and genetics can’t change that fast.
  • What changed were dietary patterns, specifically the food pyramid, with its grain based diet, and the demonization of saturated fat, cholesterol, and red meat.
  • By definition, adult onset diabetes is chronically high levels of circulating glucose. Glucose comes from dietary sugar and starches (grains).
  • Diabetes is usually caused by insulin resistance. What this means is that the body’s insulin is not capable of forcing the cells to take up the circulating glucose. Why? Probably because the cells have all they can use.
  • The cause of insulin resistance is excess glucose. Reduction of dietary glucose ALWAYS improves insulin resistance. The cause of insulin resistance is widely held to be saturated fat. This is completely false. Substituting saturated fat for starch will markedly improve diabetes.

The standard treatment for adult onset diabetes is very flawed.

  • For reasons too complex to cover (political, environmental, etc.), authorities like the American Diabetes Association and the British Medical Service recommend diets high in grain and low in fat—about the worst combination possible.
  • In an attempt to force cells to take up more glucose, insulin is often administered to adult onset diabetics. This increases cancer risk significantly. Instead, glucose should be cut.
  • It is standard practice to prescribe statin drugs to diabetic patients. However, statin drugs cause a 50% increase adult onset diabetes.

Cutting glucose will always help, and will often cure.

  • We do not need any glucose at all. Several cultures get none. The idea that it is the fuel of life is false. Fat is the fuel of life. Cells prefer it and run cleaner with it. The brain, however, prefers glucose. This is frequently given as a reason we need glucose. This is false. The liver will manufacture enough glucose for the brain, and failing that, will convert fat into ketones. The brain may run better on ketones. This is at least known to be the case for those with Alzheimer’s.
  • High chronic stress causes adult onset diabetes. Or can at least. This is because high chronic stress causes high levels of cortisol which causes high levels of insulin, which will likely lead to insulin resistance.
  • We presented two tough case studies. They were outliers.
  • – In one case, the patient either could not, or would not, make enough insulin to lower his diabetic level glucose.
  • – In the other case, the patient had a very high level of insulin, dangerous by itself, and was this was just barely keeping him below the diabetes threshold.
  • – In both of these cases, proper diet (no starch, fruit or sugar) and proper exercise and stress reduction cured the adult onset diabetes.
  • Most patients had more typical insulin resistance patterns.
  • In all cases, without exception, patients that presented with adult onset diabetes, changed their diet, did the proper exercises, and reduced their stress were cured, and able to maintain normal sugar levels with no diabetic drugs. (In some cases, an adult onset diabetic permanently loses the ability to make insulin. He has now become a type 1 diabetic, and will need insulin.)
  • Cure, in this context, means that the sugar levels will be low and the patient will be healthy. However, the diet-exercise-stress reduction protocol must be maintained.

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