Doc In A Box!

When you hear the term ‘doc in a box’ you often think of what is now called ‘Urgent Care.’ Urgent care centers are for those medical problems not serious enough for the emergency room but more urgent than when your own doc can fit you into his schedule. Well actually that means that most medical issues are more efficiently dealt with in an urgent care center than either your local ER or within your own doc’s office schedule.

But I want to talk about a true ‘doc in a box.’ Quantitative Medicine is an organizing principle to create connections and interactivity between everything from heart rate variability to testosterone levels, bone density and early cancer detection.

The development of QM, the evolution of my understanding of the interactivity and connectivity of physiological and metabolic markers, required the development of a software system that directly received HL-7 files (the legal code structure for medical laboratory data transmission) from labs and that then went into my database and graphing software. It is hard to see the matrix of connectivity staring at an Excel spreadsheet. But I can dynamically compare any measure with any other and show trending relationships some of which might be coincidental and some of which are deeply revelatory; and which could save and improve your life.

I bring up this stumbling block – don’t worry we are going to make the software available – for those of you who intend to get the labs that we are suggesting and on something like the periodicity we recommend. This is not an insurmountable problem; we will help you with it as we develop this blog. For now I want to get to the ‘doc in a box’ proposition.

Look, with enough interconnected, timely and accurate information about heart rate, breathing rate and chest and abdominal excursion, and tumor markers and metabolic and physiological dynamic markers you could, I know how, build the complete, ‘revolutionary,’ home ‘doc in a box’ that could improve your life, your mind, your health in barely imaginable ways. All of them good ways, by the way, for those of you with mordant imaginations. It’s here! Now! Well, the problem is you have to be the operator. You have to know how to use it, how to interpret it. You won’t live long enough for your local doc to be of much help. So stay tuned, learn as we – we here at QM – go but be alert to the idea that there is a way to tie all of the good things you might read – A new understanding of naturally occurring antibodies being used to activate myelin healing for MS! Can I measure my antibodies to learn more about my MS? – together in a useful way for your own healthier future. Don’t wait for the pharmacy companies to sell you what you don’t need or for insurance companies to do the actuarial tables on healthy self-actualized people and how their medical insurance premiums are too high; they won’t give you any refunds for living a longer, disease-free life anyway.

The one quarrel we, Dr. Charlie and Dr. Mike, enjoy is how hopeful or pessimistic we should be about the number of people willing to do this work for themselves. Well, my opinion – Dr. Mike here – is that, to use an overused phrase, once the paradigm shifts in people’s imagination and expectation and they get it, they get that their health is actually in their hands and requires more than the admonition ‘don’t smoke, eat right and exercise’ then there are lots of people out there who will ‘self-actualize’ their health care.

Help us shift the paradigm. What do we need to do to help you see the new paradigm?

  3 comments for “Doc In A Box!

  1. noel
    September 2, 2015 at 5:44 am

    What are you talking about .I think you could articulate your thoughts and actions a lot better.
    What does every one need to do.
    how can we help in this data base
    What do we tell our doctors .
    What do we advocate to our government ,health care provider
    how do we get the tests that you require which are not normal ,small particles of colhesterole etc

    • September 2, 2015 at 11:23 am

      Hi Noel,
      I love the push back. My hope was to create a dialog. Your thoughts are sought for the very list you provide. That said, it sounds like you may not have read some of the posts that address the issues you mention. Over the next few weeks we will post some audio discussions between Dr. Charlie and I that will delve into testing too. Thank you,
      Dr. Mike

  2. Jim
    September 3, 2015 at 5:38 am

    From my perspective, I think your post is articulate

    I think for the paradigm to shift requires one to learn to self-advocate and never stop learning. Many look to professionals like physicians as the arbiters of their health. Even though many docs are very well educated with good intentions, much of this education came from faulty promulgated conventional wisdom. Also many believe that degenerative disease is inevitable.

    It is difficult to get solid information to self-educate. However, reading from varied sources helps to start one’s journey. Working at understanding juxtaposing positions helps to enlighten. As you become enlightened, you can take a more firm grasp of your own path towards health. It is also important to accept that there is no magic pill and that progress may be slow – but progress can happen.

    As to what Drs. Mike and Charlie need to do? Exactly what they are doing now – providing dialogue and challenging entrenched paradigms that are not working. It’s up to us to create our own n=1, track, change, track, and work at positive adaptive change.

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