Vitamin D and COVID-19

It is extremely important that high levels of vitamin D be maintained. The chances of severe or fatal COVID-19 illness plummet for those with adequate vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is the closest thing we have to a cure right not—provided you take it in advance. The results so far on this are astounding.

Artificial Sweeteners

artificial-sweetenersThrowing all caution to the wind, your intrepid bloggers are going to wander into this rat’s nest. Are artificial sweeteners OK? Some evidence says maybe, and some, maybe not. What do you think?

POM Wonderful and Prostate Cancer

POM Wonderful is a Los Angeles based pomegranate juice company, that has funded considerable research, but got in trouble with the FTC for some ads they ran.Pom They were subsequently skewered in the popular press as well. They paid their fine, removed all research from their web site. Five years later, all is largely forgotten, except that the results launched no end of research into the wonders of pomegranate.