How many brains do we have? Depending on your brain counting methodology, the answer could be as high as a dozen.

The Free Radical Theory of Aging


Another “Bad Guy” joins the ranks of useful cellular processes.

This dates from the 50s. The idea is that free radicals, normal byproducts of metabolism, are dangerous and responsible for aging and disease. This led to a huge supplement industry item: the anti-oxidant. Big problem: the theory’s wrong.

All About Bones

Bones Are Not Stone-Like Inanimate Objects. They are fully alive, and Continually Tearing down and renewing.bone

Most people’s knowledge of bones comes from the remains of a meal, or from those that amuse their dogs. They are seen as hard, rock-like, hollow, and inert. They look like they will last hundreds of years. These are dead bones. If they have been outside for a while, all that’s left is the calcium deposits that make it so hard. This is deceiving. A bone is quite complex, and is often considered an organ. Besides providing structural support, it also acts as a mineral depot, and houses the cellular factory that manufactures red and white blood cells. It has an elaborate blood supply and is continually tearing itself down and rebuilding itself.