Getting Blood Tests at a Reasonable Prices

Most blood test providers have exorbitant list prices. These prices are deeply discounted (as much as 80%) for Medicare and various insurance companies. This post will tell you how to get those deep discounts for yourself. blood-test-70-discount

We discussed tests that were not covered by insurance in a prior post. This was only applicable to Medicare, but the info on getting a non-covered test, without getting robbed, applies to all.

Balance Billing—Why Is This Allowed?

Balance billing is controversial, and there are two sides to the issue, but it has the net effect of causing certain victims, in certain states, to be faced with enormous bills.price-war-sticker-shock

This is again, an American issue, and again will leave the rest of the world wondering how we ever managed to get ourselves into such a dysfunctional situation.

Most Americans under 65 are enrolled in PPO’s or HMO’s. These are similar in they involve a predefined network of providers, which the person insured is required to use if he want to be covered. Now most would agree that if someone elected to use an out of network provider that it would be reasonable that they had to pay for it. But the key word here is “elected.”

Medicare, ABN, and Highway Robbery

If you are American and have, or someday plan to have, Medicare, this is required reading. If you live elsewhere, count your blessings, at least when it comes to medical services pricing.abn-bag_of_money

We believe in testing. We do not believe in enriching the test centers by encouraging people to get tests that may be absurdly priced. Hence, we are going to run a series of posts that cover some of the sleaze going on out there.

You, Your Doctor, Your Insurance: Who is making the calls?

It’s the Golden Rule: “Those With the Gold Make the Rules.” So it’s your insurance company, or possibly Uncle Sam, in the case of Medicare.

insurance-golden-ruluNow you may argue that they got all that gold from you, which is true, not that you had much of a choice, but they’ve got it now.

So what, we might ask, is in their best interest? Obviously, the less spent on us, the better. Medicare gets to keep more money. They are worried about running out. And the insurance companies likewise get to keep more money, which makes their shareholders and executive staffs wealthier. Laudable goals, no doubt, if not especially beneficial for us.