Red Meat Is Healthy – Says the China Study Data

Recently WHO caused a big stir by announcing that processed meat was carcinogenic, and that red meat “might be.” Here we take a look at the China Study data. (Not the book (aka the vegan bible), but the raw data

By red meat, WHO means mammal meat. Processed meat could be carcinogenic. It depends on how it was processed. Non-processed meat that was raised in unsanitary conditions is not healthy either. Finally, consuming huge quantities of red meat (or anything else) is not healthy.

A MRSA Cure From a Medieval Recipe

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have reproduced a 1000 year old potion that is apparently very effective against antibiotic resistant staph infections.MRSA-cure-1

The staph bacteria invades the immune system cells and uses them as a breeding ground. This cellular terrorism makes it very hard to get rid of such infections. For several decades, antibiotics would overcome this bug, but as inevitably happens, the bacteria mutated around it, and we are now faced with SuperBugs, serious antibiotic resistant pathogens.

Smart Insulin – Possible Breakthrough

New Insulin Derivative Promises Better Life for Type I Diabetics

Precision regulation of glucose is important and presents a challenge  for Type I Diabetic. Smart Insulin, which releases according to glucose level represents a significant breakthrough.  Both health and quality of life would be improved.

Type I or Insulin Dependent Diabetics cannot produce insulin. Type I diabetes typically A syringe with a drug vialdevelops in childhood with the immune system attacking and destroying the cells that produce insulin. The precise cause of this is unknown. (There are probably many causes for this but resulting in the same outcome