Food vs Supplements

My office is near several other physicians. It is common for me to see one of their patients coming out with a little brown bag of nutritional goodies.

Whatever this says about their business model it raises a question I am often asked: Hey, Doc, which supplements should I be taking?

Cancer and Vitamins

Good Day to All!
This is [Dr. Mike’s] January’s Newsletter.
I am going to use this occasion to partially explain why I only reluctantly use or advise supplements.

Acetaminophen – Should this Dangerous Drug be Available Over the Counter?

Acetaminophen, the principle drug in several popular painkillers, has caused liver damage in many, and liver failures and death in a few. This is a pretty grisly track record for an over-the-counter remedy. Mixing it with alcohol is especially dangerous.tylenol-warning

I stayed at a bed and breakfast in Iceland, and as I was being shown around, I noticed a large bottle of Excedrin labeled “Hangover Pills”. When I mentioned to the owner that acetaminophen in combination with excess alcohol, was responsible for several hundred deaths annually in the US alone, she turned white as a sheet. She had no idea that such a commonly used drug could pose such dangers. She immediately removed the bottle.

Antioxidants – Seldom Useful, Often Harmful


Medical science always thinks it knows better that hundreds of million years of evolution. In the human body – heck any living creature’s body – everything has a purpose, has a reason for being tfhadfh

The identification of various ‘demons’ by the high priests of medicine probably goes back to our ancient caveman days. But how is the demon identified? In the past, it could be by decree, the most important shaman deciding what is and what is not important.

The Effects of Popular Supplements


In an earlier post on contaminants found in various over the counter supplements, found here, a reader asked for a review. First, let me state that supplements should be considered the same as prescription drugs and should be ‘prescribed’ only if needed.Supplements

Most people look at supplements and vitamins with this specific mindset:

  1. It couldn’t be dangerous if it is available over the counter.
  2. It might help, but no harm done if it doesn’t.