Maybe, Maybe Not.

Low LDL – “bad” – cholesterol may be causing Alzheimer’s, may actually increase heart risk, and may increase cancer. For years the lipid hypothesis: “fat causes heart disease” has been a medical mantra. Time for a revision?

Is Amyloid Beta Plaque Buildup the Cause of Alzheimer’s, or is it Something Else?

Alzheimer’s is the most common dementia. For decades it was believed to be amaloid-beta-alzheimers-ribboncaused by buildup of amyloid beta plaque. A lot of recent research, though, has noted that there tends to be insulin deficiencies and insulin resistance in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s.

Inside the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s, neural tangles, plaques, and amyloid beta build-ups are found. This environment is not good: various neural units lose function.

What Nutrients Power The Brain?

Popular Wisdom Holds That The Brain Runs On Sugar. This Is A Frequently Used Excuse To Justify Eating A Lot Of Sugar And Starch. The Brainbrain-nutrition Needs A Lot More Than Sugar To Run Properly, and Excess Sugar Is Now Thought To Be The Most Likely Cause of Alzheimer’s.

Most doctors will tell you that the brain runs on glucose. Glucose is a type of sugar, and is sometimes called dextrose. Table sugar is half glucose and half fructose. All starches, in fact all carbs, end up as one of these, or a mix. The liver converts most of the fructose to glucose. So it’s all glucose, except the parts you can’t digest at all.

Does Low Cholesterol Cause Alzheimer’s?

Low fat/low cholesterol diets are starting to emerge as a likely cause of the Alzheimer’s

The brain is loaded with fat and cholesterol, having a far greater percentage than the rest of the body, especially the cholesterol. But, fat and cholesterol have been demonized for years, so why not lower them with a pill. The drug industry has promoted just this, statins to prevent dementia. But despite the publicity and pharma-bucks, it just isn’t working. There is no association found. Further, the beta-amyloid plaque – thought for decades to be the cause of the disease – appear to be some sort of defense mechanism. A highly touted drug trial, which lowered it in patients with mild dementia, was cancelled mid-stream because the beta-amyloid lowering drug actually caused the patients to get worse.