Organ Meat

Calf Liver alla Veneziana from Eat Real Food or Else

Most Americans say “yuck” and turn up their noses at the mere mention of organ meat. This is cultural. A fancy Parisian restaurant would likely offer both tripe and kidneys.

Osteoarthritis is Preventable, and in Many Cases, Reversible

Osteoarthritis is a simple disease. The joints are wearing away faster than they are rebuilding. If the right exercises are performed, this can be reversed. If the key cartilage has not been completely worn away, osteoarthritis is reversible.osteoarthritis-knee

Osteoarthritis is degradation of the joints due to mechanical stress. Rheumatoid arthritis is different, and is a deterioration due to inflammation. In osteoarthritis, inflammation is the result, not the cause of the damage. Osteoarthritis is by far the most common sort.

Exercising for Health Part I – The Best Exercises – Benefits

Correct exercise will maintain heart health, maintain joint function, improve mitochondrial health, retard aging, prevent osteoporosis, and reduce risk of degenerative disease.


What is the best form of exercise? The type of exercise is very important. Two 45 minute very intense sessions per week will accomplish all these health goals.  Primary heart rate variability, joint health, and mitochondrial health are improved.

Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial Health is Key to Degenerative Disease Prevention and Longevitymitochondrial-health

All cells depend on mitochondria for their energy, and absent that, things quickly go downhill. But what are mitochondria exactly?

Mitochondria – A Very Strange Tale

Two billion years ago, the living world was divided into archaea and bacteria. Until a couple of decades ago, archaea were considered to be a variant bacteria. We would be pressed to tell them apart, but the biologist wanted it this way. So now we have a primordial sea teeming with two very similar looking microscopic life forms.

Who Gets Degenerative Disease?


In the west – Europe and North America – more than 70% die from degenerative disease, yet there are two identifiable groups that are largely free from thesedege.deg

By degenerative disease we mean heart disease, cancer, adult onset diabetes, dementia, and several less common age related diseases.

We know for certain that degenerative disease can be avoided. These groups, and their lifestyles are proof. The two groups are hunter-gatherers and centenarians.

Which Chronic Diseases Can be Cured


You are no doubt thinking: Lifestyle changes may be unpleasant. I like my life now, but I do want peak health.  If I make all of the changes you suggest and fix my numbers, is that really going touhgdc modify my health. Will it really increase my longevity and prevent degenerative disease?

The somewhat hand-waving answer is: statistically – it definitely will. Results will vary depending on four things: